Unmatched Patient Outcomes

Gain unprecedented insight into patient care with our Clinical Intelligence platform.  Empower your care team with actionable data to proactively identify and address critical care situations, helping to reduce decision-making burdens and clinician workload.

Unmatched Patient Outcomes

Gain unprecedented insight into patient care with our Clinical Intelligence platform.  Empower your care team with actionable data to proactively identify and address critical care situations, reducing decision-making burdens and clinician workload.  

Key Challenges Clinicians Face When Delivering Care

  • Data overload and click fatigue from EHR and other devices creates error-prone environment
  • Navigating non-integrated sources of data leads to difficulty visualizing relevant patient information
  • Lack of clinical decision support in a busy environment results in near-missed events and reduced compliance with standards and protocols
  • Inability to view and understand the entire patient context results in slowed recognition of abnormal clinical signs
  • Lack of clarity surrounding patient prioritization contributes to delayed detection and increased “failure to rescue” events
  • Delays in care escalation may result in increased cost due to longer length of stay and patient complications

Patient complications consume limited staff resources, increase the need for higher levels of care, increase length of stay, and even lead to death of the patient

How It Works

While current tools source data from multiple platforms and force clinicians to sort through all the data at various interfaces to determine which patients need immediate care, our approach integrates data into a single clinical dashboard, providing rapid, contextual understanding of the patient on a single screen. Our flagship product InsightIQ also delivers notifications, automates protocol management and color-codes information to help the healthcare team prioritize patient assessments and interventions.

Client Published Outcomes

You need the

Big Picture

The challenge for health care today is managing the multiple complexities of delivering quality patient care. Clinicians need to see the big picture to apply best practices and protocols in a timely manner. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a single InsightIQ screenshot can capture a thousand vital patient data points and deliver that critical big picture view in an instant.

InsightIQ remote patient monitoring screenshots
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Clinical Surveillance and Triaging

Provides “at-a-glance” visualization of the complete patient context, assisting clinicians to prioritize patients for timely interventions, aiding to improve outcomes, reduce LOS and hospital acquired conditions

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On-Demand Analytics

Unlocks your hospital’s clinical metrics and delivers daily quality, compliance, benchmarking, and performance metrics for workflow improvement, and analysis of clinical datasets

What our clients are saying

Our Clinical Intelligence Differentiator

The power of InsightIQ comes from the ability to digitize standards of care and clinical protocols, configured for your specific workflows, values, and thresholds for specific units and patient populations. InsightIQ comes with a library of digitized protocols supporting the spectrum of care from Emergency, Intensive Care, Maternity, and Rapid Response. 

Clinical Intelligence Across the Entire Care Spectrum


Critical Care

Rapid Response

Labor and Delivery

Our Competitive Advantage in Digital Health Innovation

Most HCIT tools are narrowly focused on providing information but haven’t considered the impact of workflow or taken on the challenge of improving compliance. DECISIO is solving these gaps by blending workflows and complex protocols with compliance improving software.

Clinical Intelligence

InsightIQ a Class II medical device*

Extend your reach with OpticsIQ teleheatlhBuilt to rapidly create and modify the digitization of new protocols and new use cases

Situational awareness at a glance, guiding clinicians to those patients most at-risk

On-demand quality benchmarking and reporting at a unit, hospital or multi-facility level


Platform & device agnostic

Aggregates clinical and procedural data from multiple sources

Device agnostic software application

Addresses failure to rescue through system-wide  monitoring and smart alerting

Platform Scalability

Extendable into new care areas

Cloud native for scalability and cost

Single site to enterprise deployments

Eliminate dependence on multiple disparate and non-integrated software platforms