Labor and Delivery

Research has shown that…..

Hypertension affects at least 1 in 7 women during the peripartum period. 12.7% of pregnancy-related deaths in the United States caused by Sepsis.

There is a 21% greater mean QBL among vaginal deliveries where patients were exposed to 12 or more hours of intrapartum Oxytocin.

Labor and Delivery

“There are approximately 30,000 deaths per year that are attributed to hypertensive related disorders of pregnancy, and we think that 60% of those can be prevented.  Decisio is incredibly important because we can treat hypertension so much more quickly than we traditionally have been able to.” -Medical Director, Women’s Services

Hypertension affects at least 1 in 7 women during the peripartum period. 12.7% of pregnancy-related deaths in the United States caused by Sepsis. There is a 21% greater mean QBL among vaginal deliveries where patients were exposed to 12 or more hours of intrapartum Oxytocin. Smart Clinical Monitoring from DECISIO targets these problems.

Connecting InsightIQ – Labor and Delivery

InsightIQ aggregates data from multiple sources, EHR, pharmacy, medical devices, lab, etcetera, into a common unified data platform. From that platform, It provides continuous monitoring and visualization of the patient’s condition though unit configurable dashboards at the bedside or remote.  InsightIQ helps clinicians prioritize their attention to those at risk deteriorating patients for early intervention – through color coding (Green, Yellow, Red) of clinical values and digitized standards with contextual alerts. InsightIQ can be accessible anywhere via your hospital’s web browser – handhelds, desktop, WOW, or bedside monitors.

InsightIQ Capabilities

Enables situational awareness at-a-glance during time-sensitive critical situations


  • Continuously surveils patients with clinically validated protocols
  • Identifies and prioritize attention to at-risk patients across all labor and delivery units for quick triage
  • Color coding of clinical data, results, and status, helps clinicians prioritize attention to at-risk patients. 

Displays tailored
to each specialty

Methodology:  From written protocol to digitized workflow

The power of InsightIQ comes from the digitized standards of care and clinical protocols. The Bundles of Care tie multiple clinical actions into a package of interventions that clinicians can use to improve outcomes. 


InsightIQ uses no proprietary algorithms. We start with peer-reviewed protocols that are easily configurable for your hospital specific workflows, data values, and thresholds – configurable for each specific unit and patient population. All standards of care and indicators are implemented in accordance with facility approved protocols.

The Power of InsightIQ

Digitized Protocols and Dashboards Across the Care Spectrum

Labor and Delivery Portfolio

Hypertension Management

  • HTN order set compliance
  • Identifies patients who are hypertensive
  • Indicates when additional blood pressure checks and antihypertensives are needed

Postpartum Hemorrhage

  • Identifies need postpartum QBL documentation
  • Evaluates and identifies postpartum hemorrhage patients
  • Monitors medication administration and vitals for management of hemorrhage

Labor Induction Management

  • Indication for appropriate use of oxytocin
  • Identifies need for documentation based on timing
  • Evaluates fetal and maternal assessments along side oxytocin dosing to assess labor progression

Early Warning Scores

  • Maternal Early Warning Score (MEWS)
  • Sepsis Screening (Modified-SIRS)

Hypertension Management

  • Reminders to recheck BP
  • Reminders to administer medication
  • Scrollable Hypertensive episode information including previous BP values, missed BP checks, appropriate and inappropriate hypertension medication administration, and medication order set status.
  • Hypertension medication administration graph overlays that provided correlation of BP to medication administration
  • Graphical  displays of progression of labor monitoring with Oxytocin and cervical dilatation trends

Labor Curve with Oxytocin

Additional graphical display option for induction management

  • Progression of labor monitoring with Oxytocin and cervical dilatation trends 
  • Labor augmentation medications graph overlays in correlation to labor curve.

Labor Induction Management

  • Reminders to document fetal and maternal assessments
  • Evaluation of documentation  to determine proper utilization and adjustments of Oxytocin
  • Categorization of fetal documentation to determine FHR Category 2 episodes and associated length.
  • Graphical displays of progression of labor monitoring with Oxytocin, correlation of FHR cat 2 episodes and cervical dilatation trends

Hemorrhage Management

  • Reminders to document post delivery QBL documentation
  • Categorization of hemorrhage level with protocol management 
  • Hemorrhage status block includes recovery timer (time since recovery date), blood loss, associated vitals, and medication administration
  • Graphical displays of blood loss with medication overlays

Point and Click Medication Overlays

  • Vitals and lab blocks have expandable views with trend graphs and medication overlays.  
  • Multiple medications can be plotted on the same graph.
  • Medication route, dose, and admin time are included
  • Discontinued medications and non administered active med orders can be viewed

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Learn About Our Nursing Benefits

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