DECISIO® Announces New Product Named EnvisionIQ

DECISIO® Announces New Product Named EnvisionIQ

DECISIO® Announces New Product Named EnvisionIQ

DECISIO® Announces New Product Named EnvisionIQ

DECISIO®, a company creating customizable clinical decision support tools to present near real-time data across adaptable interfaces, has added a new product named EnvisionIQ™. This solution offers on demand compliance reports to improve operational efficiency. 

EnvisionIQ is a hospital’s solution to visualize critical patient outcome datasets across all bundles of care and service lines. The proprietary product helps hospitals unlock clinical data at the minutiae level in order to identify meaningful process change and work-flow improvements, can lead to a reduction in complications, readmission rates.  EnvisionIQ enables a health system to benchmark their clinicians, units, and hospitals to accelerate improvements, reduce variation, and expedite data collection for agency reporting requirements.    

“Clinical benchmarking tools are essential to enable health systems to quickly identify improvement opportunities that have substantial impact. The addition of EnvisionIQ to our product portfolio allows DECISIO to provide comprehensive surveillance and analytics platforms to benefit hospitals in many capacities,” said Paul Sinclair, Chief Revenue Officer at DECISIO.   

EnvisionIQ provides insights into current care patterns, protocol compliance, areas for workflow improvement, and analysis of clinical datasets.  It works across various diagnosis and care bundles, including Ventilator, Stroke, and Sepsis Management, plus many more. The product has three levels of capabilities: Essential, Essential Plus, and Essential Research, supporting an organization’s custom analytics needs.

DECISIO launched its flagship product, InsightIQTM, in 2015 and continues to innovate on its portfolio of clinical decision support tools across various healthcare bundles, including Rapid Response, Sepsis, Stroke, AKI, Ventilator Management, and Labor & Delivery. EnvisionIQ can be used by a hospital as a stand alone product or work together with the InsightIQ product.  


DECISIO is a Houston-based digital health company with a customizable clinical decision support platform designed to aggregate and prioritize near real-time data, from any device, and present it visually in one place. The flagship product, InsightIQ, uses continuous smart bedside monitoring which enables clinical teams to efficiently identify patients at risk and comply with established clinical guidelines.  InsightIQ improves throughput, optimizes workflow, increases collaboration, thus reducing “click” fatigue.  Our solutions, including actionable analytics, can be scaled across an entire health system or used in a single care area.  For more information, visit

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