How we are different from other HCIT tools

No Proprietary algorithms InsightIQ digitizes peer-reviewed protocols and bundles of care

Configurable for hospital specific protocols, workflows, data values, and thresholds – at the Unit level – tailored for your patient population

Insights embedded in visual workflow to assist clinicians achieve higher levels of compliance to protocols.

Addresses Failure to Rescue through continuous monitoring and visualization of the patient’s condition.

Aggregates data from across the health system onto patented dashboards assisting clinicians to identify those patients most at-risk

Graphic overlaysmedication effects on vitals 


On-demand unit specific Antibiograms

Addresses click fatigue with a single clinical dashboard, providing a quick, contextual understanding of the entire patient condition

No need to log into multiple applications or tab across EHR for insights

Provides situational awareness at a glance through color coding of clinical data that allows clinicians to identify the most critical cases.

Contextual and actionable non-audible alerts designed to reduce fatigue. Adjustable for abnormal detection with intelligent thresholds

Drives collaborative improvements enhancing workflow optimization

On-Demand visualization of clinical quality compliance metrics (via EnvisionIQ) for the whole unit or hospital