Get the ENTIRE picture with InsightIQ

InsightIQ presents a synchronized snapshot of the patient’s condition. It organizes and presents on-time information from standalone medical devices, clinical applications, and electronic medical records*. Most importantly, it translates data streams into actionable information based on a health care provider’s established protocols, which allows clinicians to choose wisely and provide patients the right care, at the right time, every time. A user-friendly platform with integrated clinical protocols and visibility provides a pathway to improved compliance and reduced variation in care.

A configurable solution to enable healthcare providers to improve quality of care and reduce costs

  • Aggregates data from systems, including EHRs, to paint a comprehensive picture of the patient based on the care provider’s desired protocols
  • Continuous surveillance and visual display of a defined patient data
  • Allows clinicians to prioritize patients deemed most critical by digitizing required standards of care and early warning scores
  • Generates actionable insights to deliver responsive, compliant care across all care areas – from bedside to remote monitoring
  • Drives collaborative improvements to eliminate penalties from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, decrease hospital complications, reduce the length of stay and remedy “click fatigue”, thereby, positively impacting patient outcomes.