Nursing Benefits

Bedside Nurses

  • Increases nurse efficiency by providing a complete picture of patient condition at a glance – with near real-time view of current lab data and vital signs trend for their patients – reducing “click-fatigue”
  • Improves communication during shift change handoffs providing comprehensive overview of patient picture during the shift
  • Re-enforces protocol compliance – reducing variability of care
  • Allows for early detection of patient deterioration

Nurse Manager/Educator

  • Can assess overview of all patients in the unit on a single screen with regards to protocol compliance – lines/tubes/drains
  • Help to simplify chart review process for bundle compliance
  • “Just in time” education of the unit’s protocols and metrics is helpful during frequent staff turnovers to reduce variabilities in care

Nursing Director/VP

  • Can review quality metrics across all service lines to compare performance and protocol compliance